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Welcome to 10_snuggles!
10_snuggles is a themed community for fanfiction writers or fan artists. We accept all forms of writing from drabbles to multiple chaptered stories and any form of art! We accept all forms of pairings too; yaoi, yuri, shota, shouden-ai, shojo-ai...anything you can think of, you can write!


1) Every person that makes a claim is entitled to two claims, but each claim must be from a fandom.

2) Every claim must be completed within a month's time unless you talked to a Mod and asked for an extension. This is to ensure that the chosen couple is freed up quickly.

3) When you complete a theme you must reply in the designated area or else you won’t receive a banner!

4) If your story or piece of art work is rated higher then PG13 then you must provide a warning since we do have younger writers with us.

5) Please put all stories and artwork behind an lj-cut, if you do not know how to do this, ask a Mod!

6) All stories must contain the theme you’ve chosen for that particular story AND cuddling and/or snuggling.

7) Remember that we are all adults here, if you feel the need to act like a child and lash out at someone, know that you will be punished! How? Well, you’ll see if you bug us!

8) Lastly, to get your claim accepted you must have “Request” written in the subject line of your comments.



Claim a THEME SET from THIS entry! There are 5 [FIVE] to choose from! :D

Posting Format:
Each entry you make in 10_snuggles must include:
> In the Subject line of your entry: Fandom - Couple - Theme #

> In the Entry itself:

Fandom: (full name, please!)
Pairing: (full names of BOTH!)
Theme Set:(eg. Theme Set #01 - Love)
Theme #: (eg. #01 - kiss)
Rating: (if higher than PG-13, state here!)
Disclaimer: (yes, you need one everytime unless it's your own art/characters, in which case, make a claimer!)

Other stuff you need to know:

starry_nights88 - Creator
akkas_journal - Co-Mod and Bannermaker


These are the communities/LJs our fair Mods also run/own:

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> twi_cwc - Starry's community (that she co-mods) for the non-canon Twilight pairings
> akka_writes - Akka's writing LJ
> 10_glances - Akka’s other writing claims comm., similar to this one!
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